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Four Things About Your Household That Leads To High Auto Insurance Rates

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It is not just you who determines your auto insurance rates; all drivers in your household will impact your premiums. Here are four circumstances in which members of your household can lead to high insurance rates for you:

Most of Them Are In Their Teenage Years

Teenage drivers have a reputation for being careless, negligent, and reckless, and this reputation is not undeserved. This is mostly due to the teenagers, lack of experience behind the wheel. Statistics show that teenagers cause a high number of accidents taking into account how many of them drive. Therefore, expect your rates to climb if you have several teenagers in the household.  

Some of Them Have Terrible Driving Histories

It is not just teenagers who cause accidents; even some mature drivers cause car accidents. Some people cause more accidents than others, and this makes insurance companies to designate them as risky drivers. Consider an example where your spouse has multiple traffic violations in the recent past, your teenage child has been convicted of driving under the influence, and your brother (who is living with you) has caused a few accidents in the last few years. Such a terrible combination of drivers in a household will definitely increase your rates.

You Have Lots of Male Drivers in the Household

Women drivers typically pay lower auto insurance rates than their male counterparts. This is mainly because male drivers are considered more reckless (and therefore more likely to cause moving violations or accidents) behind the wheel. Male drivers also drive more than their female counterparts. Therefore, if most of those who have driving licenses in your household are males, your rates are likely to be higher than if the majority were females.

Most of Your Household Members Have Risky Jobs

Lastly, your household members can also affect your auto insurance rates due to the nature of their jobs or profession. This is because insurance companies have classified some jobs as risky because those who perform them have higher risks of auto accidents than other "safer" jobs. In most cases, highly stressful jobs or jobs that involve a lot of driving have the "risky" designation.

Some of the above, such as the average ages of your household members, are things you may not be able to control. However, there are many other things you can do to ensure your household members don't cause your auto insurance rates to skyrocket. For example, you can exclude extremely terrible drivers from your policy or encourage your kids to do well in school; both things will help keep your rates low.

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