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Commercial Auto Insurance Tips When You're Hiring New Drivers for Your Company

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There are several different things that you have to think about when you hire new drivers for your company. One thing that you have to worry about is commercial auto insurance-related matters. These are some commercial auto insurance tips that you should think about and remember when you hire new drivers for your company.

Check Driving Records First

One main thing that you should do before hiring anyone to drive the vehicles owned by your company is to conduct a thorough check of their driving record. This is important for a number of reasons. First, you probably want to make sure that you can trust your new drivers to do a good, safe job of driving your company vehicles. Second, your commercial auto insurance rates can vary based on the driving record of each of your drivers. If you only hire drivers who have good, clean driving records, then you can have a higher likelihood of avoiding major insurance rate increases. This is just one way that you can keep your commercial auto insurance costs down.

Perform Drug Testing

Not only should you check the driving record of each new driver you are considering hiring to work for your business, but you should also perform a drug test on all new hires, too. If you can provide proof that you do this to your commercial auto insurance company, they might offer you a discount for taking additional steps to choose safe drivers and to help decrease risk both for your company and your insurance company.

Make Sure You Add Your New Employees

Don't wait too long to get in contact with your commercial auto insurance company to let them know that you have hired new people who will be driving your company vehicles. After all, most commercial auto insurance companies like to have a list of drivers who work for the company, and you won't want to run the risk of having claims denied or having issues with your commercial auto insurance company by waiting too long to add your new drivers to your policy.

Talk to Your Employees

Make sure that you have a talk with your employees about certain necessary criteria, such as how their driving habits can impact your commercial insurance rates. Encourage your drivers to drive carefully and properly, as they are supposed to, so that you can help keep them safe, prevent your commercial auto insurance rates from going up, and avoid unnecessary damage to your commercial vehicles.

For more information, contact a local commercial automobile insurance company for additional tips to keep insurance costs low.